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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to qualify for funding?


It's mainly based on business revenue, personal credit, and history

The better the revenue, credit and personal history, repayment history the better. It will be preceived as less risky to most lenders.

It also depends on the industry you're in. Some lenders would not fund in certain industries while others prefers it.

How long does it take to fund?


2 - 3 business days for approval (could take longer)

Can typically get offer on the same day

But can usually get better offer waiting an additional day or two


Stipulation (required document to fund)

After all the stipulations are in the offer goes into final review

How do I apply for funding?


Just click on apply now, fill out the required info, send us the last 4 - 6 month of PDF bank statements, and we do the work for you 


Once we have the approval(s), we’ll go through the offer with you and the documents needed to fund

Are you a direct lender?


No, we are not. 


We work with many different lenders and funding companies with different requirements for their products


The advantage of working with us is that we have many products available which allow us to generate more approvals than any one direct lender


What we offer you is tailored to your specific needs and the industry that you’re in

Where are you based?


We are based in Denver, Colorado

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