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Line of Credit


  • Draw as you need and pay it off whenever you want

  • Only gets charged for the time you that you carry out the balance

  • Every time you make a repayment, the principle balance becomes available for you to draw again

What is a Revolving Business Line of Credit?

A Revolving Business Line of Credit is a type of funding that you can set-up ahead of time for whenever you have use for funding now or many months down the road. Once the business line is established, you'd have access to those funds whenever you need it for as long as your business stays in good standing.


By having the revolving Line of Credit set-up, you don't need to worry about not having funding available to you, or if you'd get an approval or not when an urgent need for capital comes up. You'd already have the money ready-to-go in your back pocket.

With us, there's no hard credit check to apply and you'd only get charged for the time that you use the funds. A hard credit check may occur at closing or upon the initial draw. There may be a fee at closing depending on which funding provider that the line was approved with.

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